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Sexy Thing

Hm hm hmmm hm 🎶 Hm hm hmmm hm 🎶 Hm hm hmmm hm 🎶
Great feeling, a fresh new cut and textile.

Fkn happy with u Berenik ♥️🎶


Gold Gold Gold

Ohuu Yes! Oversized, shiny, great feeling, beautiful textile and just as we imagine it would be ♥️


Greatcut sexy new design and textil! We love it!
Vasco & Franziska

Very cool but broken after wearing them 3 times!

I was so happy to get those sunglasses. I wore them 3 times, and one of the plastic pieces fell and I lost it. So the sunglasses hurt my nose now when I'm wearing them... Can you do something?

My dear, I’m so sorry for this, I know the problem and we actually do glue them especially for this reason for extra security! I use mine everyday and it works! I’m so sorry if it still happened with yours. We will send you a new pair next week, is that fine???
Warmest regards

My Postpartum Must-Have!

After having a baby and being stuck inside for almost a year I was looking for some flattering cloth for spring/summer. The jumpsuit is my go to outfit atm. And it's also the perfect material when you have a little drooling nugget strapped onto you :-) I have been buying Berenik cloth for years, when there was still a store in Zurich and I love the designs. Well thought out, lot's of practical details like big pockets and very nice materials. Simply love it!

I love this jacket. It's super comfortable and I feel effortlessly put together wearing it.

Perfect size, very elegant and comfortable!

Just great!

Very comfortable, cool and easy to wear. It’s always a solution when you don’t know what to put on. The fabric is very thick and that makes it special.

Looks Cool

Has a sexy shine to it... and makes my wife look 20 years younger...

Perfect !

Very beautiful Item
Well cut and great quality

Great layering piece!

I got this long faux fur cardigan to go under a long glossy black vest and it looks awesome! Exactly what I hope for it to look like when I need extra warmth but not too much!

Very cozy and beautiful

Love it! Stylish comfortable and natural wool. Keep combining more natural fabrics with couture. It’s not easy to find! Leave out all the synthetics. Thanks also for the gift and the gift-wrapping- it was a nice surprise ❤️

nice sweater

Schönes Basic Teil mit dem gewissen etwas. Angenehmes Material und fällt schön

Ein Pfau für den Winter😍

Super schöner Pulli, kurz geschnitten aber sehr warm mit dem hohen Kragen. Etwas für Ladies mit langem Hals und langen Armen. Ein Lieblingsstück im kalten schweizer Winter!

love it

Tolle und vielseitig kombinierbare Bluse.

love it as a jacket, a bit to short to wear it as a skirt

Made in China

I received the article today. So disappointed to read « made in China » on it : because of the price I thought it was made by hand or at least in an European studio a « Swiss quality » as the website promised it. All the speech about the « let’s plant trees » was exciting but... the cardigan is made in China.
At least, the cardigan is nice.


First you have to understand, that my label BERENIK is a very small brand, you cant compare it to bigger companies, so the way I work is very different than from what you generally understand with “made in China”.
I have been living in Shanghai several years, because of the job of my husband. Living there gave me great insight into the situation and made it possible to start working with a small workshop first, lead by some french people. After a few months I made new friends, from Germany, who wanted to open a small factory, exactly what I needed. Because we produce only small quantities it was never even an option or my goal to work with the “big” Chinese factories.
We produce from 3 to maximum 100 pieces per style, this is more something for sampling rooms or very small workshops or factories! This is also why our products cost more than from the big retailers. The process of developing a style from scratch to have it ready to sell is enormously time and cost consuming. On top of that come the production costs for small quantities, but everything in the process is more expensive if it’s for low instead of big quantity, like fabric sourcing, printing, shooting and marketing in general up to logistics, storage and shipping.
As a group of friends we started this small factory, I was their first client and spent months and months working there, building it up, eating with the seamstresses every day, keep working, while the went home:-)
I got to know the very strict laws and requirements that are in place in China. It is far more restricted and controlled in favour of the workers than many people think. The problems in my opinion is more in the big factories, where corruption becomes a problem and the controls don’t take place anymore.
In the many years working in this field, collecting many experiences, stories and researches, I came to believe that it is very difficult to judge by country wether a work situation is sustainable or not.
For example it is very dangerous to believe, that solely because something is produced in Europe or US or so that this means that work conditions are “fair”. There are many many underpaid workers in factories all over Europe but no-one even cares, because it is “made in Europe”….
I could at any time stand behind the production process, I looked people in the eyes for weeks and months, shared the food, yes payed the food. I was proud of giving about 30 Chinese women and men work, I am not ashamed of it.
Nevertheless I stopped producing in China about 1.5 years ago, more because I didn’t want to travel there so often anymore, it took a too big toll on my personal health…
The main goal is now to start producing small limited editions in my new studio in Spain and start producing with small factories in Portugal which is very close to where I live and work now.


Since March 2019 year I donate 10% of ALL OUR SALES to They plant with each dollar one tree.
Meaning that if you buy something for 100 - we plant 10 trees for this.
I believe that that is a lot and it gives me a lot of motivation that every sale we make is giving back something to the earth.
You can read about this program and my philosophy on the website

I am sorry that you were so disappointed, but I am very confident to say that the cardigan you bought is many times more sustainable than the phone or computer you bought to send the message with:-) it's a complicated world, not everything is so easy as it seams… For us small brands it is incredibly difficult to survive, people want sustainability, but they don't necessarily want to pay more. For example no-one ever asks how much we designer earn… I can tell you it's far below minimum wages with tremendous amounts of overtime…..
I don’t think many companies donate 10% of their turnovers to anything charitable or for making the world a little bit better. I don’t say there is no room for improvement, but I think I do really the best I can until now!

I hope you understand my point and can now fully enjoy the cardigan:-)
Warmest regards

Beautiful Blouse

I just love the pattern! Oversized cut, light and very comfy.

Comfy Sweater

Laid back and comfy sweater. Great for this fall weather.

Unique Piece

In love with this unique piece. The print is an eye catcher and the peach details make the light and comfy jacket complete.

got many compliments!

Great colors. Every time happy to wear it. Fabulous!!

Big love

Material, Size, Cosiness = 100% fantastic!

The comfiest, most stylish sweater I own

This sweater is a must-have. With it's extra long sleeves and beautiful drape, it's easy to wear over a dress or shorts or jeans and still look extra put-together and stylish. Plenty of room to layer or just wear as-is.

Bought it together with the kimono shirt to hit Berlin's art autumn. Love the hight waist and soft material.



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