made in me 8


Made In Me 8 came to fruition on its own.  It has been an exciting process that started on Gay Pride 2015, a few days before the Supreme Court issued a ruling legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states. I decided to paint some t-shirts for my friends that read:  “love wins” (President Obama coined that quote right after gay marriage was legalized). It was there in the crowd, making our way down 5 Avenue that I found a new platform.
I saw the opportunity to make my art public, wearable, usable, and affordable for a wider audience.
Whether hand-painted or printed, the intention is to weave art everywhere from fashion to furniture, to make one feel good through the experience of being surrounded by it.
The company’s mission is to create art that touches the soul, empowers people through being oneself, celebrates the experience of the human condition in all its complexity, expression, finds beauty outside the conventions, and traditions held by the mainstream.
The message is one of justice, empowerment, liberation and love. I have always been interested in socio-political themes for my work to be a catalyst of awareness and hope. As an artist I have a responsibility to defend freedom of expression, basic human rights, and civil and political liberty all of which are still suppressed in our modern society. It is a reality that art effects change. It has been that way historically, and I must contribute to that change.
Being fortunate enough to have a 30 year career exhibiting my artwork in museums and galléries internationally, my new venture Made in Me 8 is now taking things a step further.



NinaBee Jewelry is a New York City based Swiss jewelry brand. 2010 Nina began designing and making jewelry as an autodidact in Zurich, Switzerland. She gave up her former carreer as an artist and photography historian to follow her passion for jewelry and her urge to create and design. In 2014 she opened her first boutique in Zurich, Switzerland. Nina’s background in art history and her love for old artefacts influences her design. She goes treasure and material hunting all over the world for her dainty creations. In 2015 NinaBee Jewelry moved its studio from Zurich to NYC, where Nina graduated as a bench jeweler. The brand's focus still lies on unique handmade small batch series and one of a kind jewelry pieces.



‘Life is an adventure… or nothing.’
-Helen Keller
“I am Heike Buelau, the HB in Industrial Designs, and ever since I can remember, personal style has been an essential aspect of my life." 
It has pretty much been the only consistent form of art in her life. Whether a classically trained singer performing Opera, a fine artist in print photography, exploring the field of video or finally again performing live improv with her photographic work, Heike's individual expression through a somewhat self defined style has always remained the daily creative warm up for her.  
So HB Industrial Designs is a perfectly natural evolution of her art work. The desire to share her taste for abstraction and androgyny for both body and home with the world has gotten the better of her and here they are, her first collections of a hopefully endless string of products to make all of you Boys, Princesses, Rockers, Ladies, Kings and Queens, Punks and Gents feel beautiful all around.
Today, her textiles as well as Leather Collections are an expression of what Heike Buelau perceives her own being to represent: the constant flow of contrast between an edgy exterior, and as she describes it, an astonishingly soft core. All her materials are luxurious samples of Italy’s unique standards of quality: a beautifully supple touch, laced with the always somewhat raw quality of Heike’s photograpy/designs, carrying all the way into the fully handmade metal accessories in her leather collection, exclusively made by hand for HB Industrial Designs by her friend and collaborator of years, Leisah Swenson of Red Hook, Brooklyn.



Wanderluster is defined as a strong desire for travel, but a Wanderluster is so much more than that.  A person driven by a taste for discovery, newness and invention, a person who sees adventure in the every day, in every moment.  Wanderlusters are seekers as well as finders, with an eye for beauty no matter where they are.  So Wanderluster is designed for these people, for people who must keep moving, learning and trying something new.  It's a desire, a hunger for life, beauty and adventure.  Wanderlusters are storytellers, adventurers and lovers of people, culture and the whole earth.