BERENIK stands for an aesthetically strong vision of simplicity with a contemporary style. We believe in the value of details and decisions. We want our customers to be young and old and want them to look casual, chic, cool or super hip, but always strikingly selected.

We love the process of making things and on the way from the idea to the result we find our biggest inspirations. We travel far to find possibilities to conceptualize our visions, enjoying the world as a playground. We are addicted to materials and fascinated by all sorts of machines, whether they sew, stitch, print, knit, cut, roll or fly.

There is a long story to each of our products and we are proud to tell it, and introduce you to the people and places involved all over the world. 

For us the way is as important as the result, as we appreciate functionality of clothes as much as style.

BERENIK represents Swiss quality through design as conceived by Veronika Brusa, a Swiss interdisciplinary artist based in NYC. 

The contemporary sportswear line was created in 2010 as a means to explore the relationship between visual arts and apparel and to serve as a means to connect with people. Brusa seeks visual contrast and complimentary pairings through mixture of print, texture, and colors applied to sculptural silhouettes. By representing a forward & modern thinking view of luxury focused on product quality while providing true value for the customer, our elegant sportswear transcends seasonal trends and is
intended for a discerning customer of all ages.

In September 2013 we opened our BERENIK BOUTIQUE in the heart of Zürich, Switzerland, which is also the headquarter of the company and warehouse.

Beginning of 2014 we moved our Design Studio from Paris to New York.

We develop two comprehensive prêt-à-porter collections per year. In doing so we attach great value to the consistent realization of our ideas, wearability, sophisticated cuts with a comfortable fit and high quality in workmanship and the choice of materials.