The collection is all about structures and volumes. To break up the flat materials we made experiments with the laser cut technique. We cut the faux leather into small pieces, which were then glued, bound or stitched together again, achieving new structures on the surfaces. Using this technique, we make showpieces such as tops, dresses, and jackets.

For our ready-to-wear collection, we take close-up photos of these stiff structuresand print them on soft fabric such as silk mousseline, crèpe de chine, viscose, and cotton jersey.

Prints are once again dominant in our AW14 collection. In addition to many prints with close-ups of structures, we also have one print of a close-up of fur that breaks the straight lines with organic aesthetics.

The basic collection idea of structures and volume is accompanied by the quilting technique, where we put thick, wool fabric between two layers of filmy, silk mousseline or soft viscose.

The dominant colors in the collection are dark brown, black, off-white, fennel, and a strong olive.

Wool, silk, viscose, tencel, faux fur viscose are the main materials. 

The cuts are kept simple and unadorned with a becoming and modern fit. Oversized tops, blouses, and jackets are dominant. The collection includes many overalls, both long and short. The trousers have a medium-high waist, with either a loose and sporty fit or a formal fit as in the case of our long, pleat-front trousers.

The small collars and the no-waisted cuts bring a reduced and boyish style to our collection.
Our popular gilets in plain or printed wool, viscose or cotton jersey fabric are our specialty. They can be worn as jackets between seasons or underneath a coat during the winter-time.

The AW14 Collection includes around 90 new styles and includes tops, sweaters, jumpers, jackets, coats, blouses, trousers, shorts, overalls, and dresses as well as some leather accessories.

PHOTOGRAPHER Tobias Siebrecht 
MAKE-UP/HAIR Philipp Keusen
MODELS LOOKBOOK Manuela H. Fotogen, Zürich / CAMPAIGN Sandrine J. Fotogen, Zürich
STYLIST Veronika Brusa
ASSISTANTS Alice Zurbuchen / Philipp Bachmann