BERENIK’s new Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Collection brings together sophisticated design with comfort and function.

The combining of various materials creates reduced graphic accents and emphasizes the straight lines of the creations. As a result of the unconventional cut of the pattern pieces, the seam becomes an important design element through the raising and displacing of side seams, the joining together of pattern pieces or the forming of pockets through the folding of the fabric. 

The geometric forms created in this way are contrasted with silks fabrics printed with organic motifs. 

Extreme close-ups of stone, concrete, lichens and weathering served as the model for the print motifs for this year and turn even the dirt on an old board into a highly elegant structure. In addition, subtle colours such as mustard, light grey or dark brown recur throughout the collection in balanced combinations.

The coats and jackets are sewn from high-quality Japanese and Italian winter fabrics made of sheep’s wool and cotton, fastened with concealed magnetic buttons and equipped with a breathable, wind and weather-proof membrane. 

The warm winter dresses are lined with silk satin, which results in a refined interplay of elegance, function and comfort.